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[FREE] Subscriber Bundle of Brilliance Goodies

[FREE] Subscriber Bundle of Brilliance Goodies

Well heeeeey, welcome to my corner of the interwebz.

In this subscriber Hub area, you will find all some of my most popular free resources, plus I'll be adding more good stuff as it happens. You can even unlock special bonus content, offers and more because: gamification rocks.

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Let's get to know each other, ,!

Well heeey, my name is Jo Gifford, and I am DELIGHTED you are here, .

I love finding out random things about peeps in my space, so here's my top 10 #GiffFacts by way of introduction :) 


10 things you might not know about me, :

- I am Mum to twin girls, Eva and Mia (proud Mamma bear).

- I am addicted to almond butter. #vegansnackfact

- I've been an entrepreneur for 14 years and LOVE it (and have learned SO much along the way!).

- My Bengal cat and fluffy coworker Orie features in my client calls, workshop sessions and daily life (check him out, he totally knows he is handsome)

- I play the violin.

- I work flexible hours and serve clients around the globe. Lucky girl.

- I am a designer, writer, blogger, strategist, podcaster, author and hyper-creative INFJ synaesthete.

- I love morning raving, and am often found covered in glitter (and light up shoes)

- Kitchen karaoke is my go-to vibe raiser.

- I am a chronic illness thriver and am rather vocal about making life work in your own way #worksmart

So, while I grab a flat white with oat milk, delve into the lesson so I can get to know YOU, !

Know your values to know your value

How to know your values to know your value (video and worksheet)

Get eyes on your biz FAST!

When you want to get eyes on your biz fast but you're stuck on how to create content, this little gem is for you.

How to start a conversation on social that showcases your brilliance (swipe file)

How to start a conversation on social that showcases your brilliance

(Without the stench of desperation, oozing sleaze, or 
metastasizing #samesame).

What next?

Where to go next for goodies and support.

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Hell yes Jo, I want goodies!

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