Jo Gifford
Own Your Brilliance in 5 Days

Own Your Brilliance in 5 Days

Building a successful personal brand and business needs a crucial foundation step that we so easily and so often overlook.

Owning your brilliance is the foundation to getting the impact, income and influence you have on your vision board right now (yep, I see you!).

It starts with finding the courage to own the brilliance that's already in your head.


6 Modules

Day #1: Getting Started, ,

Getting started on the 5 day challenge #ownyourbrilliance

Day #2: Mirror, Mirror

Looking in the mirror to remember your own brilliance,

Bonus Module: You don't need to be controversial to stand out

Why you don't need to be controversial to stand out [BONUS MODULE]

Day #3: Reflection, time ,

Asking your network to help you identify your brilliance.

Day #4: Own it, baby!

Going public with your brilliance.

Day #5: Social proofing and affirming your brilliance

Gathering social proof to affirm your brilliance.

Modules for this product 6
Let's go, Jo!

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