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Own Your Brilliance in 5 Days

In this 5 day challenge, you will learn how to identify and take ownership of your brilliance - that unique USP that sets you apart.


We are all so different,

We all work in different ways, bring different viewpoints to what we do in life, and of course we all have different, gloriously technicolour personalities.

Believing you are brilliant and of value is an incredibly powerful step. 

Sharing your wisdom, making sales, making changes, leaving legacy and creating impact all require you to know, love and OWN what makes you brilliant.

Claiming what makes us awesome is not something most of us feel comfortable with (#amiright?!)?

So I think it's time to change that humble hide-behind-the-scenes default setting and start owning your awesome, .

In this 5 day challenge you will take daily steps to really own who you are and what makes you tick - without spending 20 hours on webinars, getting FOMO from overwhelm, or needing to clone yourself to make more time in your day.

I like to keep it simple. 

So join me for the next few days and together we will own your brilliance. I can't wait to watch you shine!

Power Post Masterclass


  • How to get authority QUICKLY
  • How to make your content work really hard for you 24/7
  • There is a better way to create influence and authority without churning out content and not seeing results
  • How to create SUPER EFFECTIVE posts that rank highly, quickly, and get you leads (that turn into clients)


How to use ONE Facebook Live for 15 pieces of content

One Live stream.

15 pieces of content.

Learn how to make the most of your content right here.

[FREE] Subscriber Bundle of Brilliance Goodies

Well heeeeey, welcome to my corner of the interwebz.

In this subscriber Hub area, you will find some of my most popular free resources, plus I'll be adding more good stuff as it happens. You can even unlock special bonus content, offers and more because: gamification rocks.

I'm SO excited that you're here! 

So, heads up - this site is mobile friendly, so you can check it out on the go from your phone, tablet or computer. You can also bookmark it on your phone's desktop by saving it as a shortcut on your home screen (super easy instructions on how to do that are here.)

If you have ANY questions, hit me up on email at



Jo xox

[VIDEOS] Personal Branding Videos: Brand Your Brilliance

Well hey,  !

I collected here in one place my ever-growing collection of videos on personal branding #brandyourbrilliance

The Time Take-Back Toolkit

Learn to reclaim two hours a week without hiring a team of 20, cloning your DNA, or messing with the space-time continuum.


So you bought a course, programme or training.
You paid instalments, sweating guilt and dollars each time as you threw money down another sinkhole you just don’t have the time to log into, let alone do anything about.


Sound familiar? You’re so not alone, .


Investing in your biz and yourself is the key to next-level rainmaking.

BUT there is a glitch in the money making matrix.

When there are less hours in the day than to-do lists to wrangle, you wheelspin into stuckness, jaw clench, and drip-fed caffeine frustration.

You lose the ability to spend the gold dust currency of time working ON your business and upping your game.

You KNOW this needs to change but Where. The. Heck. To. Start.

(and right on cue another email pops in and down the rabbit hole you go).

Ever wonder when your to-do list took over your life and notifications became a whack-a-mole of time sucking, soul-draining urgency? It creeps up slowly, one app at a time.


Before you know it, your day is spent reacting in Slack, Whatsapp, Trello, email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Voxer - before you even *tried* to double down on the thing that makes you money. You know, the essential, needle moving, bare bones stuff.


Press pause for a moment and listen up.

In this video, I am going to show you EXACTLY how to regain 2 hours a week or more, right now.

Give me 10 minutes and I will give you 2 hours or more, right now. Yes, without outsourcing your bodily functions, bio-hacking your sleep, or spending Any. More. Time on courses you just don’t have time to do.

Reclaim your time.

Reload your brilliance.


Connect Your Brilliance Membership Group

Membership group for change makers and unboxed leaders to connect their brilliance, unleash their magic, and share their message with the world.

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